13-year-old Hamish Finlayson, from Australia is on the autism spectrum and has a mission to raise autism awareness through apps and games.

According to BBC, Finlayson felt he could connect with his peers using technology. Finlayson used his coding skills to create apps that will help the app users “better understand what it’s like to live with autism”.

Newsbyte shared that Finlayson began utilizing his coding skills at just 10-years-old. He started by educating others about the environment, and recently launched an app to educate people on autism. To date, Finlayson has developed four apps relating to the environment and one app involving autism. The app about autism is called ‘ASD and Me’.

The ‘ASD and Me‘ game includes a main character that has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The character struggles with sensory issues, such as being around loud music. One of the challenges players will face is to navigate to find the main character’s headphones.

Aside from apps and games, Finlayson is currently working on a Virtual Reality (VR) game that will help young people with autism learn to cross the road.

All of Finlayson’s apps can be found in the App Store and are free of charge.

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