People of all ages have enjoyed playing LEGOs, and this middle school boy has upgraded from creating buildings to creating jewelry. As highlighted in a WKRG article, Carlos Andrade, 12-year-old boy from Cutler Bay, Florida, has formed his own business and made a name for himself designing jewelry out of LEGOs.

Andrade, who has autism, has been constructing LEGO jewelry for around three years and was first inspired by his mother, Milagros Mercardo, who hoped this activity would be enriching for him. She said, “[Carlos] was having a rough time in school. It was very difficult for him at the time, so I was trying to find something that would motivate him again and [kind of] raise his self-esteem.”

A sampling of Carlos’s work (Photo by WSVN)

“Well she showed me LEGO jewelry and she inspired me to actually do LEGO jewelry,” Andrade said.

Andrade doesn’t just make jewelry out of LEGOs, he sells them as well. He has been selling his designs online and recently sold 20 necklaces through Facebook. He has commented on how difficult the process actually is: “We take the order, make it first and sometimes, we actually have to mail them out or meet them at a specific place.”

This boy appreciates uniqueness and said that once he makes a design, he never repeats it.

“It’s showed him a lot of what he can do and his potential and it’s opened doors for him. So that’s what I love to see,” said Mercardo, “He loves the fact that he gets to connect with people, he gets to go and deliver them himself, he gets to see how happy his clients are with his pieces, so he really enjoys that.”

Another story that shows us special kids doing special things with the support and encouragement of their parents.

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