Libby Scott, age 10, has Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is a self-proclaimed perfectionist who likes things done in very specific ways. She likes her skittles in color-coded order. She wants to speak her true feelings but can’t always do so.

These honest emotions, conveyed so far through Libby Scott’s two blog posts over the past two days, have received Twitter praise from parents of kids affected by autism, writers, teachers, and the general public who can empathize. Their being written in a stream-of-consciousness style gives readers a peek into Scott’s thoughts, how she processes, and how sometimes the thoughts she wants to verbalize don’t come out as intended. Her two pieces reveal the same kind of frustration with her compulsions with the second piece taking on a more somber tone.

From her piece, “The Life of a Perfectionist,”

“I notice my candles are in the wrong order […] I realize: my favourite song doesn’t have exactly 100 words; it has 98. my heart stops […] the skittles the life guard is eating out of a bowl are not in colour order.”

From “The Life of Autism,

“I stroll down and tell my dad that he is playing guitar too loudly. He isn’t. I ask myself why I do this and get no reply. As well as family life, my social life doesn’t work out well either. I feel like I just don’t fit in.”

After posting Scott’s short piece of prose on her twitter yesterday, Scott’s mother, Kym Scott, has been reacting and responding to a positive frenzy of public reaction. It has been laudatory and grateful, ranging from those who have autism and can relate firsthand to the sentiments Scott describes to those who can see these emotions reflected in their loved ones affected by autism.


Even teachers have reached out asking her mom to use Scott’s writing as an example for their students.

The overwhelming positive reaction from the Twitter world has inspired Libby Scott to start her own blog where she will continue to write and raise awareness about autism spectrum disorders. Follow her on Twitter@BlogLibby, to keep up with her life updates told through her powerful prose, and keep an eye out for her upcoming guest post on our blog!

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